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Tattoo specials


Tattoo specials

Slots are limited.

Tapout (8hrs) - $1,500

Year Round special* - $5,000

*Cover-ups are selected depending on artist’s discretion*

*The year round special is a one-time payment that allows for one 4 hour session (reg. $1,250) per month throughout 2024.

There is $150 rescheduling fee per rescheduled appointment,


Video consultation


A 20 minute video consultation with (Fran)

Recommended for more complicated pieces, scar cover-ups or for clients who need more help to creating their concept description or just don't know where to start. 

We will discuss your tattoo’s location, description, size, placement & if it is a cover up, we’ll discuss the best options and approaches as well as pricing.

We will also discuss dates for faster booking. 

This is not included in your tattoo cost and is a separate non-refundable service.

QUICK book 


Quickly get priced & booked.
A 72hr turn around option.
For a sooner appointment, this option expedites your consultation process & offers a short video consultation, if necessary.


This is not included in your tattoo cost and is a separate non-refundable service.


Waiting list


This is your standard request form. 
These forms are responded to via email, in the order in which they are received & according to demand. 
There is no guarantee as to when your form will be reviewed so we ask for your patience. 
This option is best for smaller pieces or those who don’t mind having their appointment at a later time. 

Additional session

This option is for returning clients ONLY, looking to book an additional session on a tattoo we’ve already started

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